The position Burger occupies as an artist is firmly rooted in society. The times in which we live, with growing ecological and economic crises, has prompted Burger to think and act bigger. He has looked into one of the basic conditions of our life on this planet: trees.

After finishing construction of the artist studio cooperative Square 28 Burger asked himself how he really would like to work, and decided to focus entirely on the use of wood and trees. 

With support from Mondriaan Fund’s Contemporary Use of Crafts scheme in 2019, Burger was able to set up a collaboration with craftsman and wood merchant Michiel van Leersum in Friesland, the Netherlands, who encouraged him to think further and to consistently pursue his principles for material use.

Burger has done extensive research into wood and trees, and how to connect with them in his work. The importance of trees has become even more clear to him and with growing enthusiasm, he has laid the foundation for a long-term project: Thinking Forest.

Thinking Forest aims to combine the production of wood and other forest products with the presentation of contemporary art and cultural events, regenerative forestry with a long term perspective and small scale development and construction of biobased housing on a new forest estate. 

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