Gerbrand Burger is a visual artist, mainly making sculptures and site-specific interventions that are situated simultaneously in the domains of visual arts, architecture and design. Burger works process-driven, where materiality and craftsmanship are the common thread. He investigates the surface of architectural volumes, shapes and spaces. Through interventions in material and space, often playing with scale and dimension, Burger examines the boundaries between art and design, aesthetic and functional, traditional and industrial, and the false duality of nature and culture. As a result the work shows elements of traditional crafts, modernism and contemporary design.
Burger approaches different aspects that are involved in his work and life as one integrated whole. From cutting trees, making sculptures, to designing and building his own studio and house. The time in which we live, which is affected by a pandemic and ecological and economic crises, has affected the role he assigned himself as an artist. It has prompted Burger to work with one of the conditions for life on this planet: trees.
Morels Museum, video installation, 430 x 370 x 350 cm, 2008